Steam Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

In the past, carpet steam cleaning has been the best method available to achieve the highest quality carpet cleaning services. Stainoff previously used carpet steam cleaning from 1989 until 2010 as it was the best carpet cleaning method available at the time.  

Today, newer carpet cleaning techniques have since emerged, resulting in steam cleaning no longer being the best carpet cleaning method available. At Stainoff we always keep up with the latest training through the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute to make sure we provided the best service possible for our customers.

\As the best alternative to steam cleaning, Stainoff offers encapsulation carpet cleaning services. Encapsulation technology is an important step forward in the carpet steam cleaning industry.

Our Encapsulated Cleaning Services

Stainoff offers a superior alternative to steam cleaning; the encapsulation carpet cleaning method. Encapsulation carpet cleaning uses crystallising polymers to encapsulate dirty particles followed by a rotary brush to separate them from carpet fibres before being vacuumed up.

The encapsulation carpet cleaning process provides longer lasting results with a deep and thorough clean, with a fast-drying time. As an alternative to steam cleaning his method of cleaning extends the life of your carpets, as it is does not require excessive amounts of water or shampoos.

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