Fresh for Spring: Clean Carpets

Get ready for another year with spring clean carpets

Winter has come and gone in Victoria, leaving behind a season’s worth of dirt, dust, body oil and grime behind.

It’s time to get fresh, spring clean carpets back for the new spring and summer season, relaxing with your family and entertaining guests (without last season’s germs).

We know what you’re thinking: you like the sound of clean carpets, but you just don’t have time or energy to clean them.

Enter: Stainoff, your carpet cleaning specialists using the latest in cleaning technology and environmentally friendly products.

We use encapsulation cleaning technology that literally encapsulates dirt particles in the carpet, crystallising and partially dissolving the particles into dry matter. This allows us to use brush rotary technology to immediately vacuum the crystallised dirt particles, instantly improving your carpet’s appearance, removing germs and stains.

Encapsulation cleaning for spring clean carpets leaves your carpet dry within two hours. This is directly contrastable to steam cleaning, which leaves your carpet very wet with water and shampoo for days, also increasing the likelihood of carpet shrinkage, buckling and browning!