DIY or Professional Carpet Cleaning Help?

To DIY, or not to DIY…” Is that your question? Read on to see why professional carpet cleaning help is the solution

If there’s one thing we can’t get back in life, it’s time. Time spent cleaning, re-cleaning and then not liking your job is precious time lost with family, work and rest.

If you’re stuck at the cross-roads decision of saving a little money with DIY carpet cleaning, or you’ve had a horrible cleaning (or non-cleaning) experience in the past, read on to see why we really are here to provide you with reliable and professional carpet cleaning help.

  • You risk mould and mildew: if the hire machine isn’t strong enough, or you aren’t a professional carpet cleaner, you risk leaving your carpets too wet. Our immaculately maintained, industrial-strength machines use minimal moisture and have super suction power, ensuring your carpets will dry as quickly as possible.
  • Certified equipment and cleaning solutions: we use only encapsulation carpet cleaning equipment. It sounds complicated, but it works by pre-spraying crystallising polymers that encapsulate unwanted dirt particles, allowing the rotary brush to take those dirt particles away from the fabric. Sorry if your eyes glazed over, but this method gives an exceptional clean and dries in two hours! We also use non-toxic stain removers, so your loved ones are safe to play.
  • Super-powered vacuum: picks up unwanted dirt, hair, dust and other dry dirties. We vacuum these up before we start encapsulation cleaning (you know what this means now… impressive).
  • Save your time and health: let us do the backbreaking work. Again, spend time enjoying yourself! We actually love what we do… it’s satisfying. Plus, as we’re professionals, we have all the equipment and cleaning solution titbits for that hard-to-reach, I-don’t-know-where-it-came-from stains! Don’t worry, we won’t tell..
  • Longer-lasting clean: we’re so good at what we do, we guarantee a longer-lasting clean, so you don’t have to see us again till next time… your next party, your next pet’s accident, you get it the gist.
  • Expert insight: we’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve seen stained carpets, great and small, from one side of Victoria to the next, top to bottom. When we clean your carpets, you get an expert cleaning technician. You don’t have to umm-and-ahhh about whether you’re using the right cleaning product and will have a worsened stain for life.
  • Original good looks and quality: this is our aim. We aim high so that you can enjoy carpets that feel like they’ve been freshly laid.
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